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Finding Purpose in Patience

February 2022

Scriptures: Luke 2: 40-52, Luke 3: 21-23, & Acts10: 35-38


As we seek to understand our purpose, we can find inspiration by looking at the early life of Jesus. We can also see the role of time in the journey Jesus walked. An important part of our purpose is PATIENCE.

Our text calls us to the end of Luke, chapter 2. But, earlier in the chapter and throughout the gospel, we see the birth and childhood of Jesus unfold. From the manger, back to Nazareth, and to Jerusalem in the temple, we see Jesus mature, gain wisdom, and be about his Father’s business. Then at the age of 30, Jesus starts his ministry.

In the text, we learn about many of the Lord’s milestones in association with his age: He was in the temple at 12 and was baptized at 30. We may recall many of these stories from Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. One part that we sometimes overlook is that it was not until the age of 30 that the Lord began HIS ministry.

Although many of these milestones are marked by age, it is important that we not miss the truth of what is happening. It is not just about rotations of the sun (even though we all love good birthday milestones)! The key to Jesus’ 30th year of life is two-fold: he was baptized and then after his baptism, the Holy Spirit came upon him. In other words, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spent 30 years maturing, gaining wisdom and being about his Father’s business. But it was not until he was ordained by and filled with the Holy Spirit that he began his ministry of healing the sick, prophesying, and working many good works that are documented in the Gospel.

There are three primary things we can take from this:

  1. It starts with intentionally seeking growth.

    1. The text is short, but highlights increase: the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

    2. Our spiritual journey is just that, it’s a journey. We must take time being intentional about gaining wisdom, studying the word, finding our calling and learning the lessons of the Bible. Seeking wisdom is NOT easy – in James the Bible tells us it comes through hard times. But growing in wisdom and spiritual maturity is a requirement of our spiritual walk.

  2. It is not until we marry our experiences, learnings, and growth with the Holy Spirit that we will be able to teach and edify others.

    1. Being connected with the Holy Spirit is what gives our Christian journey life, power, and direction. Every aspect of our journey requires activating the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to live inside of us. On Wednesday nights, we talk a lot about a living legacy and contingency plans – the Holy Spirit is required for these things to come into fruition.

  3. Our journey requires patience and endurance.

    1. While our journey may not mirror Jesus’ journey (insofar as years), we can take something significant from how his journey progressed. Maturing in Christ, growing in the word, and being positioned to bless other can take time. Being intentional along the journey will allow us to be prepared to step up to the plate, when we are called on for our big and small assignments.


Ways we can be intentional:

  1. Intentionally surrounding ourselves with people who push us closer to our Lord and Savior.

  2. Being intentional about getting into a cadence of Bible Study.

  3. Being intentional about praying for ourselves and those around us.

  4. Quieting the voice in our head to make space for the Lord to speak.

  5. Intentionally serving those in needs around us.

  6. Intentionally making wise decisions (which can sometimes be the harder decision).

  7. Trust the Lord as we wait patiently.

Take it one little step at a time! Picking one small place in your daily routine, how will you be more intentional this week?

Finding Purpose in Patience
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