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Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
And see if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.
Psalm 139: 23 - 24

Parker's Bio

A Living Legacy

Parker A. Boswell was truly a living legacy.  A living word, sent by God, to do in 19 years what so many are unable to do in a lifetime.  He touched so many lives in a unique way, called to be great, but walked with humbleness beyond his years.  He had a deeply rooted desire to reflect God’s love that was seeded in his faith and the humanity of others.  Even with his athletic competitive spirit, whether basketball or football, there was always a knowing that there was something bigger than the moment in which he lived… knowing that the purpose in which he lived was for a greater level of service to the Lord. 

This was his calling.


As he turned the corner on manhood, God turned up his passion to live a purpose driven life while still giving him a new perspective of his role as an athlete.  It was his vision to share God's truth of knowing who you are determines what you do, whether on the basketball court, football field or in the league of life.  It was that vision that allowed Parker to embrace the “Aftermath” of his seasonal journey.  It was that vision that solidified what he had always known… His passion was for God and his purpose was to serve.


Pastoral Point Guard has been birthed from Parker’s passion and purpose.  A legacy that had its beginning established through how he lived.  It is the culmination of what Parker envisioned for athletes who are committed to training their heart as well as their body for something greater.  It is through this endeavor that Parker’s legacy will continue to live.


“Don’t confine yourself, when God has liberated you.”

Parker A. Boswell

August, 2020


Pillars of Strength

As Parker navigated life, he found hope in the strengths that embodied his created being. These strengths now serve as the PPG Pillars:

Compassion * Courage* Creativity * Critical Thinking 

Detail Oriented * Developing Others * Empathy * Relationship Building   

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The Birth of PPG


Thank you to the The World Games 2022 and Spain Park High School. Parker A. Boswell now has a physical presence at Spain Park High School, forever. Read more below. 


"Only on WVTM 13, anchor Brittany Decker introduces you to Boswell's mom, Kathy, who is keeping his memory alive through his journal entries on basketball, faith and purpose. Learn more about 'Pastoral Point Guard' in the video above."

Click below to watch the full story. 



Local Remembrance



...Laatsch said. “He really wanted everyone to feel special and important. He was selfless when it came to that and wanted everyone to succeed."

Shelby county.png

"When you walked into a basketball gym, you knew who Parker Boswell was. His outgoing nature and competitive banter made him someone people wanted to be around, compete with and play against. And he never was scared of a challenge."


"They’d beat me to the gym and would be waiting in the parking lot for me to open the door! The time those two spent with each other was enviable!"

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"Boswell played varsity boy’s basketball for five years and was named to the 2018-19 All-County team as a senior. He graduated in 2019 from Spain Park High School, serving as his class’ Vice President,.."

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"Talk to anyone who knew Parker Boswell and the scope of his personality becomes clear.

Genuine, caring, kind-hearted and intentional with an infectious smile is how those who were around him on a daily basis describe him."


“If you knew Parker, he always had a smile on his face, always went out of his way to make others feel included.... He was a great basketball player, but he was an even more exceptional person,” said Todd Shackett, president of Southern Union State Community College.

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